ABORA is a VENTURE Builder, we are a young multicultural, multinational and multidisciplinary team company. We hack systems, create new realities and reinvent transformation. Our mission is to bring back planetary balance. We are the leading pioneers of a nomad revolution. While living the craziest, non-conventional, futuristic and original experience in the 21st century, we challenge ourselves and redefine what being an entrepreneur means, creating and operating our startup in 4 different continents.

We believe in humans challenging the status quo through entrepreneurship and innovation. With this purpose, we have developed two different processes that foster ecosystems of team learning by creating and change making: Propeller and Igniter.

It is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.

We hack systems by working with entities and/or businesses to define innovative solutions to their current and future challenges. Through a proactive consultant approach, we design new and improved systems, products and services and accompany our customers in their implementation.

We drive change wherever we go, and Propeller is our vehicle for it.

Through Igniter, we invest in passion-driven people that are devoted to an idea, project and/or business and are ready to generate impact. For this, we have designed a six month incubation process that guides and impulses those who want to change and improve the world.

Everything we do has a massive transformation purpose

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Phone: +34 650 32 94 88 | +1 (206) 883-8967

Where we are:

Satellite #4

La Nave, Calle Cifuentes 5. 28021 Madrid, Spain.