is an online platform focusing on responsible consumption. It brings together people, who want to shop environmentally and ethically responsible products, and those businesses that produce their goods in a responsible fashion. At one can find responsible brands, learn about being a responsible consumer, and start a journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle. The team believes that people have the power to guide businesses to treat the environment and their employees better. This can be done by being a conscious consumer and having the knowledge of where and how the goods we buy are produced. A responsible consumer will make buying decisions not only based on price, but also on what the environmental impact of the products is, as well as how the people in the production chain are treated and whether the producer follows responsible business practices.

At you can find sustainable products in multiple different categories. The selection includes care & cosmetics products, clothing and accessories, products for home, as well as an easy-to-start Essentials collection that helps people kickstart sustainable lifestyles. All of the products for sale on the platform are produced by hand-picked brands that hold high values for producing their goods. The values that supports are:Organic / No Plastic / Sustainable / Biodegradable / Fair Trade / Upcycled / Artisan / Ethical / Recycled / Vegan / Local / Social cause. If you wish to know more about the values and why it is important to shop responsibly and support responsible businesses, make sure to check out’s values page at is run by a devoted team, led by Abora’s very own Astghik Zakharyan. Astghik is the driving force behind, with the passion to create a more caring world for all of us. She has been dreaming of having her own organic store since she was a little girl growing up and enjoying the clean nature of Dilijan, Armenia. She has the vision to make sure that the nature of her childhood remains beautiful, and that all of us can help to make it possible, and not just in her home country but all around the world. And what better way than creating a marketplace where all of us can make better choices for a better future, and present!

>The team also writes a blog, where they share opinions, tips and information on different aspects of living a truly sustainable life. Living sustainably is not always easy, and requires knowing where to look for products and information, and how to know which products and producers are truly sustainable and responsible. wants to help people live a sustainable life and share information on issues relating to being a responsible consumer. If you wish to know more about climate change, ethical production, environmental projects, sustainable business etc, make your way to the blog.

If you are interested in becoming one of the qualified vendors and sell your products on, make sure to check out the information for vendors and sign up for your vendor account. There is an evaluation process where the team will evaluate the business practices of the vendor and decide whether the company and it’s products align with the values of and the customers the platform serves. All the vendors on the platform are evaluated on environmental, social and corporate responsibility, and only those companies that truly embrace responsible business practices are accepted on the platform.

The team welcomes you to become a part of the solution and to learn, shop and sell. The shop is open 24/7! Visit now!